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Parent Testimonials of New Beginnings Preschool
  • For the last 2 years we have had the honor to enroll our son in the best preschool inVisalia, New Beginnings Preschool. New Beginnings Preschool is not just a school that wehave dropped our son off at for the last 2 years. Rather, it is a preschool in which we feel infull confidence, is nurturing to our son on an academic, spiritual, emotional, and social aspect of his little life. If you are seeking a preschool that truly cares about the entire upbringing of your child, do not seek any further. New Beginnings Preschool will be the answers to your prayers.-Phil & Dona Johnson
  • “New Beginnings Preschool means to me blessings for my son, assurance for both parent, and child. That goodness and kindness are happening at school. You all have been loving and patient with us both.” –Richael Madruga


  •  “I'm not even sure how to put into words how much I love this school. I would highly recommend it for any standard you're looking for in a preschool.” –Amanda Koenig


  • “This school is so awesome. You can tell these teachers love what they do.” –Shannon Hammond


  • “LOVE LOVE LOVE this Preschool! Sweetest, most loving teachers ever! I recommend this preschool to everyone (even if they're not looking). I know she couldn't be in better hands when I leave her. Thank you guys for being so amazing!”- Shannon Nichols
  • Every staff member on campus will truly love your child unconditionally. My son has

    created the typical boy challenges for them. Yet, on a daily basis, he returns each day with open and loving arms from all his teachers. On a parent standpoint, we made the best decision we could deciding to enroll him at New Beginnings Preschool. They were the first exposure to a structured academic learning foundation. However, they create much more than a structure for academic learning, they create a love for learning. -Phil & Dona Johnson


  • “I have had my precious boy at New beginnings when they were beginning. They were so loving and caring and informative and hands on and they just excel along with their growth! I know their receiving the best care out there and that is important when you have to trust others with your children! My son is always ready and excited to go to school and learn and grow and play! I can't sing enough praises for what they do!!” –Diane Tran


  • “New Beginnings has been a huge blessing to our family. It offered us a New Beginning, as I stepped back into the work field. It blessed us with a place of comfort of knowing our son was in Godly Hands. The preschool is not only a preschool but an extension to our family. The teachers offer grace, compassion, and an eagerness to teach our kids. My son continues to learn, socialize, and thrive at New Beginnings. My son never ceases to impress me with the things he learns at school; he is able to read words to me, as well as explain to me how God and Jesus live in all our hearts. Our family could not have found a greater second home for our son…it takes a village, and this is a village we will forever be grateful for.” –Josh and Erin Bryan


  • “When it came to choosing a preschool for our first born, 4-year-old son, we found ourselves overwhelmed by all the different options, in addition to the overall importance of our ultimate decision, knowing we wanted a faith based school. We knew New Beginnings Preschool was the perfect fit for our son, and even on our first tour of the campus, our son felt right at home. He loves going to school every day and loves his teachers. We could not be more thankful! Thank you New Beginnings Preschool!” –Allison & Justin Cass
  • As an educator myself for the 10 years, and teaching kindergarten for 4 years, I

    would highly recommend New Beginnings Preschool. Understanding the dynamics and expectations of students enrolling into kindergarten, he far exceeded the standards to enter into kindergarten. In fact, as a previous kindergarten, the content your child will know entering into kindergarten will far succeed many traditional kindergartens of their age. For us, since our son’s birthday is early September, we had the opportunity to enroll our son into kindergarten this fall. As an educator, I firmly know with complete confidence he will succeed in kindergarten merely because New Beginnings Preschool has built a concrete academic foundation for our son. Regardless of

    where your child is on an academic level, you cannot go wrong choosing a preschool that is academically structured, but more importantly interlaced with teaching the love of God. -Phil & Dona Johnson


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