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Hello, my name is Linda Svenhard-Holmes and I am the Director of New Beginnings Preschool. I want to personally welcome you to our facility and pray that you will find New Beginnings as a destination for your child. I have a passion for teaching children and love pouring into their lives, helping them to become the person God desires them to be. It is important to me to teach each child about Jesus and how much He loves them. I greatly desire they learn how to develop a relationship with Jesus and discover they can talk to Him anytime.


Research shows the majority of a child’s brain is formed by age 3. Therefore, I have a strong belief that preschool is a necessity for all children as it has a positive impact on them as a transition to kindergarten. Due to the importance of the prime years of a child’s life, we take our program seriously. Because of this, we have chosen the curriculum that I believe to be the best for our children. We implement the A Beka curriculum, which is one of the most prestigious Christian curriculums. It is composed of three parts: Bible, academics, and character development to create a well-rounded environment for the children. The academic portion is fantastic as it challenges the child on multiple ways in hopes for him/her to surpass the average child when they embark in their educational journey. Children are extremely intelligent and capable of many things, which is the basis of why we challenge them the way we do.


A Christian based preschool is the most important facet for the children. At new beginnings, we go beyond the teaching academics but also implement the teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We teach the morals, values, and behaviors that God wants us to have which are not only pleasing to him, but parents, and teachers as well. As the world is turning farther away from Christianity, we cling to the love of God and teach the children how to be lights of Jesus in this dark world. We use prayer, memory verses, and Bible stories to educate the children on who God is in the lifestyle he wants us to have. Instilling the Christian faith at such a young age will have a lasting effect on every child and set the stage for who they will become in the future.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time. My phone number is (559)303-4193. I am here for you and your child as their success is our main goal!


God bless you,



Linda Svenhard-Holmes

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